White Stick Jumbo Dhoop Sticks

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Experience the ethereal smell of incense that guide you towards prosperity and healing.⁠
  • Length of Stick: 4 Inches
  • Type of Bathi: Natural Flora Bathi
  • Burning Time: approx. 30 Minutes
  • Packaging Type: Rectangular Box


White Jumbo Dhoop Stick is a pristine journey of purity and serenity. Their specialty lies in the ethereal essence they exude, encapsulated in a substantial size. With a delicate, uplifting fragrance and impressive dimensions, these sticks create a tranquil aromatic experience, perfect for meditation, cleansing rituals, and fostering a serene ambiance.


Direction for Use:

  • Place Dhoop stick away from flammable materials on a fireproof, heat-resistant surface/ holder.
  • Light the dhoop stick, allow the flame to catch; and gently blow out the flame.



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