Liberty Rosa Incense Sticks Box

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  • Length of Stick: Unknown
  • Type of Bathi: Unknown
  • Burning Time: 30 to 40 minutes
  • Packaging Type: Rectangular Box


Rosa incense sticks capture the romantic essence of roses, filling spaces with a captivating floral enchantment. Their specialty lies in evoking passion and serenity, forging a harmonious ambiance. With every delicate wisp of scented smoke, they offer a sensory getaway that pays homage to the timeless beauty of blossoms.

Direction for Use:

  • Place incense stick/ agarbatti away from flammable materials on a fireproof, heat-resistant surface/incense holder.
  • Light the coated end of the incense stick/ agarbatti, allow the flame to catch; and gently blow out the flame.



  • Never leave burning incense unattended.
  • Keep out of the reach of pets, and children.
  • Use incense sticks with care and in a well-ventilated area.


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