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Sandalwood Incense sticks Rs.12

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  • Length of Stick: 9 Inches
  • Type of Bathi: Sandalwood aroma sticks
  • Burning Time: 30-40 Minutes
  • Packaging Type: Rectangular box
  • Net quantity: 18 g

Direction for Use:

Direction for Use:
Light the tip of cup agarbatti or Incense Sticks, Allow the flame to Catch, Gently blow out the flame, place it on the Agarbathi holder.


  • Generally, Sandalwood incense sticks, sandalwood aromatherapy oils fragrance gives mental clarity.
  • It is often used for prayer, meditation, or other spiritual rituals.
  • Smell triggers memories, experiences, and events from this life, and it is a historical truth as told to us by the Holy Saints
  • Liberty agarbathi Sandalwood is enabling clear thinking and complete awareness
  • Hand Crafted with Rich Quality Fragrance
  • The aroma of sandalwood incense sticks improves digestive problems
  • It is a 100% natural fragrance added.
Fragrance Woody
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