Which Fragrance of Incense is Best for You?

Burning incense is a popular relaxation method, and each fragrance has different uses and positive effects on your state of mind. We sell a range of hand-rolled incense, so we figured we'd let you know exactly what each fragrance is good for!


Cinnamon - It's said that Cinnamon incense sticks can enhance your attention, perfect for the creative mind. They also have precautionary parcels for infections and help to relieve muscle pressure. A great one to burn if you're rehearsing Yoga and stretching out your branches.

Jasmine - The Jasmine scent is a classic in aromatherapy that's used to enhance the libido and romantic mood of both men and women. It's also great for boosting confidence and a wise state of mind. Ideal for creating a voluptuous and romantic atmosphere.

Lavender - Many use Lavender to scent the home and in incense form, it's perfect for creating a warm and comforting terrain. Used to relieve anxiety and internal pressure, this scent is perfect for lifting your emotional good and creating a harmonious balance to your inner psyche.

Lemon Grass - Lemon Grass is traditionally used to enhance internal clarity, relieving any emotional fatigue you may be passing and restoring a sense of calm to your internal good. The perfect choice to burn during contemplation because of its stimulating effect on one’s tone- mindfulness.

Sandalwood - Sandalwood incense is frequently used to produce a comforting and peaceful terrain to help with relieving symptoms of depression. A comforting power that's perfect for stress relief and passions of instability, it helps to enhance your tone- regard and brings peace to your internal good.

Vanilla - The sweet scents of Vanilla incense are resting and great for enhancing your memory. Creating a comforting and warm terrain with mending parcels. Vanilla is great for burning when you have company as it promotes a feeling of love and fellowship.

Vintage Rose - This beautiful Quaint Rose scent has been inspired by the rates of Tuberose. Known to relieve headaches and enhance the romantic moods of women. It's a motivational scent that's perfect for stress operation and restoring balance to your mood.

Ylang Ylang - A favourite for incense suckers Ylang Ylang is a wonderfully flowery experience. Burning it'll help to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as frustration or perceptivity. It enhances your inner confidence filling you with warmth and joy. A great one to burn in the mornings to fill you with enthusiasm for your day.

So, there you have it, now you can make an informed decision about which scent to buy!

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