Sri Vijayalakshmi Agarbathi Works

since 1947

About Us


Founded in 1947 the Vijalakshmi group has been producing quality incense for the domestic and international markets .the Vijalakshmi group has a dedicated family of over 300 members and growing. With a sole aim of producing the highest quality of incense sticks .the quality culture that we have inherited is not only show cased in the products but through thee customer relationships and long-term association with our suppliers.

We're Global

The Vijayalakshmi group has been a premier exporter of Indian incense for over 6 decades.We have a presence in over 45 countries. We are have unique benefit like direct access to our over seas suppliers this company is capable of delivering the best and the highest quality product at a competitive price.



Krishna from Singapore

"I am very happy with the quality of this incense. These are wonderful especially the Real flora Thanks..."

Peter from Cape Town

"Just a quick note to say that the liberty Champa is absolutely spectacular, even by the high standards of! Hari-Bol..."

Noor from Oman

"Viji 7in1 is the best smelling incense, so is their flora agarbatti, i have used it for 7 years and I never use any other brand!!! I love this stuff!!"

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