Sandalwood Incense sticks Pouch

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Sandalwood zipper pouch is a truly exhilarating aroma that has distinct vibrations which help you with the utmost clarity of the mind...

  • Length of Stick: 9 Inches
  • Type of Bathi: Sandalwood scented
  • Burning Time: approx. 40 Minutes
  • Packaging Type: pouch


Sandalwood Incense Sticks are used to emphasize the scent of sandalwood which serves to balance emotions, reduce stress, and ease worries. Our handmade sandalwood incense sticks are made of pure natural incense to give you the best smell that will last for hours that can be obtained from a variety of materials used.

Direction for Use:

Light the tip of cup Agarbathi or Agarbatti or Incense Sticks, Allow the flame to Catch, Gently blow out the flame, place it on the Agarbathi holder.


Fragrance Woody
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