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Sandalwood Incense sticks Rs.5/-

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  • Length of Stick: 8 inches
  • Type of Bathi: Sandalwood aroma
  • Burning Time:30-40 minutes
  • Packaging Type: Rectangular box
  • Hand-crafted Incense sticks

Direction for Use:

  • Hold the agarbatti, Light the coated end of an incense stick, allow the flame to catch; gently blow out the flame.


  • Keep out of the reach of children, pets. and flammable materials.
  • Handle agarbathies /incense sticks with care 


The finest Sandalwood Incense sticks from the Liberty Agarbathi brand for your puja needs. It is charming fragrance makes every prayer a special experience. It disappears your worries and helps you to live happily. 

These incense sticks carry the classic fragrance of sandalwood. It is sweet, woody, warm, and rich in fragrance. 

It is a mesmerizing aroma. Natural incense sticks

Fragrance Woody
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