Fragrance and mankind go back a long way and hard facts are that fragrant substance and its preparations at least 4000 years.

The fragrance always gives an essence of luxury with uber refinement and joy to the people for centuries. Modern fragrances industries are using substances that are more toxic and leave a negative impact on people, and that’s the reason why people are becoming more conscious about their health and want to use safer products.

There is a high demand for natural ingredients products hence small to large companies are working towards developing a new product line with R & D.

Colors and Perfume:

Just as various shades of colors are required for painting and so is the various fragrance notes are required to make a perfume.

Top, middle, and base notes are blended to create the perfect accord in a perfume. So the top note is the prelude to the first impression that makes an impression for the olfactory sense.

The middle note is the heart note and this unfolds after a few moments after the application of the perfume.

The base note is the clinging note that left behind which lingers after hours.
Floral extracts notes are mostly used in the top note of the perfume.

Making of perfumes
Behind every perfume lies a harmony of science and art which we performed by the perfumer with years of experience under their hood. With sharp olfactory senses, which is called the NOSE. Perfume creation is a complex chemistry of synthetic, natural, and essentials oils along withe gums and resins. Always the ones which are more naturally made are usually called the fine perfumes.

Natural ingredients are based on extracts from flowers, roots, leaves, the bark of trees, and seeds too.  There are two types of oils that are present in the natural materials.
a) fixed or fatty oils – they have a high boiling point, viscous, and are oily to touch
b) essential oils – low boiling point and are volatile. contain all the fragrance of the natural material.

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