The Stories and Legends Associated with Lord Shiva

The Story of Lord Shiva and the Poison

A pot of poison with the potential to destroy the universe emerged as the ocean of milk was being churned. Lord Shiva drank the poison but held it in his throat rather than swallowing it in order to save the world. His throat became blue as a result, and he became known as Neelkanta. This demonstrates Lord Shiva's selflessness and willingness to sacrifice himself for the greater good.  It also exemplifies the significance of harnessing negative energy and transforming it into something positive.

The Story of Lord Shiva and the Demon Tripurasura

This tale tells us about a demon named Tripurasura who became invincible after establishing three cities—on earth, in the sky, and in the underworld. Lord Shiva is also known as Tripurantaka because he destroyed the cities with just one arrow. This legend exemplifies the significance of using intelligence and wisdom to defeat negative forces and the triumph of good over evil.

The Story of Lord Shiva and Nandi

Nandi is one of Lord Shiva's most devoted devotees and his vahana. Nandi was once cursed by Hindu mythology to be born as a bull on Earth. Lord Shiva felt sorry for him and honored him by making him his vahana. This tale demonstrates Lord Shiva's compassion and willingness to encourage and assist his devotees.

The Story of Shiva and Ganga

The goddess Ganga is said to have come from Lord Brahma's kamandalu, (water pot), according to Hindu mythology. In order to bring Ganga back to earth and cleanse the ashes of his ancestors, King Bhagiratha engaged in severe repentance. But Ganga was concerned that her powerful flow would destroy the earth. As a result, Lord Shiva intervened, allowing Ganga to flow through his hair and slowing her down and breaking her fall. In Hindu mythology and art, this image of Shiva with the goddess Ganga flowing through his hair is popular one.

The Story of Shiva and Parvati

One of the most popular stories associated with Lord Shiva is the story of his marriage to Parvati. According to the legend, Parvati was a reincarnation of Sati, Shiva's first wife. Sati had died after she was insulted by her father, Daksha, at a grand ritual. Parvati, who was in love with Shiva, went through intense austerities and penance to win his love. Eventually, Shiva was impressed with her devotion and married her.


The stories and legends associated with Lord Shiva are numerous, and each one adds to the mystical and fascinating nature of this deity. They offer insights into the various aspects of Shiva's nature and the significance of his place in Hindu mythology and religion.