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We are manufacturing and marketing company, which caters to the Indian tradition and culture. “Liberty” and “Vijaya” brands enjoy a strong presence around the country since 1947.
We have a presence in over 45 countries. We are have unique benefit like direct access to our over seas suppliers this company is capable of delivering the best and the highest quality product at a competitive price.
Quality first- it is a philosophy adopted it means by our organization from the early 1950s.essentially it means that quality is the priority in all functions of our organization. The quality control process starts from the right selection of raw materials and extended throughout the manufacturing and administration process


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History Of Incense

It is interesting to note that the sense of smell is more primitive than the other senses and is directly linked to that part of the brain which is older, in an evolutionary sense, as compared to the rest of the brain. Is it any wonder then, that incense, which has all to do with our sense of smell, dates back to the dawn of history itself and the burning of incense is one of the oldest practices of mankind? The origin of using aromatic substances can be traced back to the Stone Age or probably even before that. In India, often considered the home of incense, it is eulogized in the Vedas, back in the era 5000 B.C.

The traditional well-known scents of ancient India were Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood, Champa, and Cedar & Musk. Ancient Sanskrit texts contain many beautiful descriptions of festive occasions when incense was burned in the homes and streets. Indeed, fragrance has played a dominant role in Hindu religious rituals since Vedic times and is intimately linked to the haven or yagna i.e. the sacrificial fire.